Sustainability is
important to us,
we care about the
people around us.

How we help

We donate 1.6% of our gross profit to charitable activities every year. The type of charity we donate to is based on the company’s philosophy and the decisions of our employees – each of us contributes with our work. Finances are distributed based on the company’s values:



Civil responsibility


We feel responsible for the weak and defenseless. We believe that even a little help can help them find the place in society that they deserve. We support single mothers of children with disabilities, and we contribute for flats with care services for people with mental disabilities.



Sports for youth


We are happy to help anyone who is interested in improving their expertise and skills. We support coaching of young students and their shift to professional involvement in company projects.



The SPUR project gives


It is thanks to each of our employees that we can help. We let our employees decide where 15% of the total contribution will go with a vote. We listen to everyone’s suggestions, anyone can vote. We all like to help.



Cultural activities in cities where our employees live


Development is not just about technological progress. We want to develop all of the society in which we live. Quality culture and education, people’s interest in meeting, having fun and developing together largely contribute to this development. We support the Zlín Film Festival and Zlín Castle, as well as theater ensembles and other cultural events and public initiatives.


SPUR a.s. employees fulfil the following environmental policy goals:


The company complies with all applicable environmental regulations and other related regulations.


The company tries to work with environmentally friendly subcontractors that have an introduced recycling or waste disposal process.


The company’s development programme focuses on methods and technologies that have the smallest possible impact on the environment, including occupational hygiene.


The company communicates with the public and interested parties openly and in a friendly manner, providing truthful information about the impact of its activities on the environment.


The company strives to consistently implement cost-effective and preventive measures in the field of energy and raw material consumption, waste generation and utilisation, noise reduction, etc.


SPUR a.s. has entered into an agreement on joint performance with EKO-KOM, a.s., and it is fulfilling its obligations to ensure the take-back and utilisation of packaging waste.


PET bottles

Every year we process material from
78 000 000 PET bottles that would otherwise end up in the trash.


tonnes of compounds

Every year we refine 600 000 kilograms of material with effective upcycling, creating even better products.


nano respirators

We donated 410 000 nano respirators to hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes and shelters.