Slide Reliable protection of microcables and optical fiber bundles

HDPE microducts

The most common method of fiber optical cable installing is using of the built ducts infrastructure. The most economically advantageous and increasingly popular method is the system of single thick- or thin-walled microducts or their bundles. This variant uses compressed air for installing optical fibers or micro-cables into existing ducts network on customer’s request.

HDPE microducts are offered in following types:


DI (Direct Install) -instalation into ducts

SIZE: 7/5; 8/6; 10/8; 12/10 mm

DB (Direct Buried) – instalation directly in the ground

SIZE: 7/3,5; 10/5,5;, 12/8; 14/10 mm

LSHF (Low smoke halogen free) – for indoor application

SIZE: 7/5,5; 10/8; 12/10; 14/10 mm


| solid and permanent lubrication made by co-extrusion reducing friction between microcables and microducts
| smooth or grooved inner wall
| a wide range of colours including longitudinal identification strips
| made only from the virgin HDPE


couplings, adapters, plugs, bushings

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