Our research and
development makes
us unique and moves
us forward


In 2019 in cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlín, we began research and development in the field of filtration of ultrafine particles in gases and liquids. We believe nanomaterials are the future. That is why we search for surprising and much-needed ways of using them in many fields of human activity. We manufacture and sell our own nanofibre membranes under the SPURTEX® name. We also applied their excellent filtration capability in the production of our own range of personal protective equipment, nano face masks, and FFP2 and FFP3 nano respirators. 


Ligthweight plastics 

We conduct research and development in the field of expanded foams made of polyethylene TUBEX, SPURO, SPURO Foam, SPURO Profile and others. We applied our experience in the design and manufacture of practical IGLOU and BETTER SHELTER shelters designed for homeless people who use the insulating and other exceptional physical properties of expanded plastics.

Surface treatment of plastics

Our modern technical facilities, cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlín and many years of experience have made us leading experts in the modification of functional and design properties of plastics to suit specific purposes. We treat them with plasma, electrostatic discharge, primer. This allows us to provide unique solutions tailored to the requirements of our partners. 

Development of customer solutions

We are reliable professional partners to many Czech and foreign companies looking for an optimal material solution for their new products, or to improve the properties of their existing products. 95% of the products we produce are recyclable. You’d be surprised to learn all the areas our products are used in.