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Fundamental quality policy, sustainability and safety management goals


Fulfilling the expectations and needs of customers to achieve their full satisfaction.


Continuously striving for good cooperation with suppliers in the application of environmental protection, quality and occupational safety principles.


Simplifying production processes and constantly increasing their efficiency – determining the criteria, methods and resources needed for their efficient operation. Monitoring, measuring and analysing the condition and implementing proposed measures.


Strengthening employees’ sense of co-responsibility for work, co-workers and for meeting customer requirements and needs while respecting generally accepted principles of ethical behaviour.


Increasing the safety of employees through training and education in the field of occupational health and safety and fire safety, prioritising preventive measures over elimination of consequences, ensuring the consistent use of prescribed personal protective equipment and aids and controlling their use.


Behaving responsibly towards the environment.


Complying with applicable legislation in all areas of the company’s business and social activities.


To ensure the protection of its business activities and the activities of its customers, the company has implemented a supply chain security management system in accordance with standard ČSN ISO 28000.


Maintaining an effective security management system for threat identification, risk assessment and mitigation of consequences. The company is committed to ensuring supply chain security, identifying security threats and risks, conducting evaluations and taking the necessary measures.


In accordance with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 SPUR a.s. has a certified Quality Management System.

In 2020, the company implemented a certified supply chain security management system pursuant to ČSN ISO 28000:2010.

In 2024, the company implemented and certified environmental protection management system (EMS) according to ČSN ISO 14001:2015 and an energy management system according to ČSN ISO 50001:2018.


Research in plastics technology
Development and production of:

plastic profiles, sheets and and pipes
TUBEX® insulation materials
SPURO® packaging materials
RETROX® retroreflective materials
SPURTEX® nanofiltration materials
SPURTEX® nanorespirators and nano face masks

The Quality Management System is based on caring for satisfied customers, quality products and service. The company ensures compliance with and continuous improvement of the quality of all manufactured products. It meets the quality requirements of IKEA requirements and the IWAY standard. IWAY – a set of minimum requirements for the environment and social and working conditions in the purchase of products, materials and services. SPUR a.s. as an IKEA supplier meets these requirements, and in 2018 it was added to the IWAY Well Developed Supplier Unit (IWDSU) category.