Slide Ffluorescent pigment

combined and colourful

RETROX® – combined

RETROX® reflective materials can be used in combination with other textile products, such as colourful reflective tape or signalling materials, reflective ribbon, straps, etc. This allows the creation of original, decorative and, most of all, functional elements that increase the wearer’s safety when used on work clothing and sportswear, textiles and footwear, especially in road traffic.

RETROX® – colourful

Fluorescent pigments in the colours ensure heightened visibility of marked objects in the dark and also in daylight.

Its reflective and signalling capabilities make colourful RETROX® textile suitable for application on work clothing and sportswear, vests, T-shirts, gloves, school bags, shoes and other products, where it fulfils a decorative and protective function, increasing the safety of the marked objects, especially in road traffic.

Due to its attractive appearance and other useful properties, the reflective textile is used for logos and marks, or as a base material for embroidered emblems, etc.


WIDTH: up to 60 cm
COLOR: signal yellow, signal orange, silver, combined

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