Slide heat lamination without using conflicting raw materials

FOAM laminates

In laminated structures, the connection is achieved through heat – no other conflicting raw materials, such as adhesives, etc., enter the structure of the laminate.

Lamination is carried out continuously with heat through a hot roller.

Laminated foam is processed further, e.g. into bags, sacks and pre-cut parts. EPE (expanded polyethylene) laminated foam + HDPE or LDPE film is a typical combination. But other materials such as AL foil, backing paper, non-woven fabric, etc., can also be used. Laminated foam is produced in rolls up to a roll diameter of 1000 mm. The maximum width of the laminated foam is 2,200 mm.


THICKNESS: 0,8–15 mm
WIDTH: 100–2 500 mm
DENSITY: 18–35 kg/m3

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