Slide Fast and efficient installation of a larger number of microducts


Microducts bundles (with permanent lubrication on inner walls are used for optical fibers or microcables blowing) of different configurations have thin jacket (on the base of LDPE) are intended for a quick, simple, time and cost saving branching during installation of multiducts in one step. Multiducts bundles are mostly designated for more effective FTTH deployment.

Multi DB

bundles of thick walled microducts (optional configurations) have high crush resistence and so can be directly buried into the ground without any protection. Thin jacket allows easy access to individual microducts, followed branching and lead to accessories savings.

Multi DI

bundles of thin walled microducts (optional configurations) with thin jacket (on the base of LDPE) need to have extra protection. Therefore are mostly pulled into pre-installed subducts.

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