Our production
portfolio has big
names at home
and abroad

Joint-stock company SPUR was founded in Zlín in 1992. It was established during the privatisation of the Research Institute of Rubber and Plastics Technology (VÚGPT), which was the main research organization in the field of plastics and rubber for the former Czechoslovakia.
However, the roots of SPUR a.s., including its know-how, traditions and values, started to grow much earlier in 1934, when Baťa founded the Zlín chemical research institute.
SPUR a. s. started production in privatised laboratories and pilot plant facilities in approximately 10 types of plastics production, which gradually developed into the current form of the production programme.


HARDEX XPP is a new generation of composite material

Start of production of thermoplastic polypropylene foam (XPP) cores for recyclable composite sandwich structures, a revolutionary solution for various applications in the transport and construction industries.







The SPUR Group is expanding to include the Portuguese EPOLI

The acquisition of the Central Bohemian company of the Promoter group EPOLI (Czechia), s.r.o., which is a producer of foamed polyethylene (EPE), results in a strategic expansion of the production facilities, technology park, and distribution and logistics capabilities of the SPUR group.


Joining forces of SPUR and MEGAT family companies

Expansion of production capacities even for smaller orders thanks to the successful acquisition of a Zlín plastic company.




Bubble from AVÍZO

AVÍZO s.r.o., which produces bubble wrap in Zliv near České Budějovice, becomes part of the SPUR group.


Better Shelter is now fully automatised

The emergence of new fully automated production of EPP panels for Better Shelter/housing for people in need that is shipped worldwide/. The total production capacity is 30 000 houses per year.





Expanding the portfolio with tomatoes from Bezdínek Farm

The SPUR group is also starting to operate in the field of hydroponic cultivation of vegetables without pesticides in greenhouses, using the most modern technologies that are environmentally friendly.




SPUR ventures into metalworking

By acquiring IGTT a.s. there is a merger of the companies divided by the privatization of VÚGPT in 1992, as well as the reunification of the shared industrial area into one functional unit, as a space for the future development of the SPUR group.


SPURTEX® nano face masks and respirators in the fight against COVID-19

Production of our own membrane with SPURTEX® nanofibres. The excellent filtration properties of the nanomaterial were used in the production of FFP2 and FFP3 class certified face masks and respirators in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The maximum production capacity of automated lines is 4 million respirators and 1 million face masks per month.


Automation continues

We now use a fully automated packaging and cartoning machine for packaging kitchen profiles.
An automatic bag slitter for pouring granules for production was installed along with the new high-performance line for the production of foam strips.
A new automated line for extrusion and subsequent packaging of furniture edges was commissioned.


Beginning of production of the IGLOU emergency shelter made of polyethylene foam for the homeless. In the 2020/21 season we shipped 415 shelters to European countries and 96 shelters to North America.


Installation of a new EPE strip line with one of the most powerful extruders in Europe – it produces one full truck of EPE plates in 90 minutes.



We’re eco-friendly and we build!

Commissioning of a compounding line that enables the processing of 200 tonnes of waste material per month back into its own products.

Launch of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the B02 building, which generates 5% of the energy needed for the annual operation of the company in a sustainable way.

Construction of the new B09 building with a warehouse and office space.

For the first time in history, SPUR achieved a turnover of CZK 1 bln.!


Development of a new
product – PP furniture edge

We managed to replace the more expensive and harder
to recycle ABS with polypropylene.

New packaging line

Commissioning of a new packaging line for EPE boards SPURO®.


Anti-slip mat STOPP

We started producing another product for IKEA – an anti-slip mat for carpets.


New storage hall

Construction of a new storage hall
in Zlín – Louky with area of 6,000 m3.


PP profile – another product for IKEA

Commencement of the production of laminated polypropylene profiles used as protective kitchen slats.


Micro Ducts for communications networks

Commencement of the production of HDPE microtubes for mechanical protection of optical cables. This product was added to our range of cable protectors.


New production projects – GPPS
boards and EPE profiles

This year we launched the production of GPPS boards as a replacement for glass in picture frames, as well as the production of SPURO® PROFILE foam profiles for the packaging industry.


SPURO® KART – hollow PP sheets

We are the first in the Czech Republic to produce hollow polypropylene boards for the packaging industry. Construction and commissioning of new production/storage halls with an area of 30 000 m3.


Farewell to BARKOLEN

The BARKOLEN dye concentrate production centre in Otrokovice was sold to US company UCC.


Renovation of building in the Svit complex

Beginning of operation in the newly rennovated 104th building in the Svit complex in Zlín for the production and storage of products.


Production of polyethylene foam strips

We began production of SPURO® foam strips for the packaging industry. 


First product for IKEA – KOLON mat

Beginning of PET KOLON mat production – floor protectors. Today we use material from recycled PET bottles for production; every month we use raw material created from 3 million used bottles.


Cooperation with IKEA begins

Beginning of our cooperation with IKEA. Today, this cooperation is crucial for SPUR both in terms of technological development and the development of the entire company.


We now produce RETROX® 

Beginning of the production of RETROX® retroreflective materials; we are the only manufacturer in Central Europe. 


Launch of TUBEX®  

Launch of the production of insulating PE foam materials under the TUBEX® brand. Materials used for thermal and sound insulation of piping systems, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. 


SPUR – the beginning

The VÚGPT (Research Institute of Rubber and Plastics Technology) founded by Baťa before World War II ends its operation.
New entities emerge from it – including joint-stock company SPUR, which was historically the first on the Czech market to produce HDPE cable protectors.