Slide thin, soft and flexible protective material ideal protection during transport and storage of fragile products

FOAM sheets

This packaging material is made of SPURO® FOAM polyethylene foam according to customer specifications. It is most often used as a spacer during transport, stacking and storage of products, where it serves as a protective, damping and levelling element. Pre-cut parts are also used to cover pallets or as filling material.


THICKNESS: 0,8 – 10 mm
WIDTH: 100 – 1 600 mm
DENSITY: 18 – 35 kg/m3


|Sheets are available in the sizes from 120 x 120 mm up to 1600 x 3000 mm.
|Lamination with LDPE or HDPE film possible.
|Thickness and the weight of EPE laminate and selected material can be different and depends of composition of the incoming foam or laminate.
|Sheets can be printed as per the customer demand.
|Also the different colourways are available, depending on the ordered quantity.


Most frequent usage: different kind of leads during palette stacking of the goods.

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