Slide Easy and perfect installation of HDPE pipes


Electronic marking system

The electronic marking system is intended for an easy searching of underground installations e.g. cable routes, optical routs, crossing cable routs, underground jointing, couplings etc.
The basic element of this system is a permanent passive mark (a marker), which is buried in the ground over the installation during its construction. The location of the marker can also be easily found after a few years by the a compact electronic detector. The markers are differentiated by searching frequencies and colours for each type of the underground installation. The orange markers are used for telecommunication (according to APWA).

Plugs, couplings and split plugs

Split plugs
The split plugs serve for sealing of the cable in the duct. They are suitable for cable shafts, buildings and cabinets or junction boxes. The suitable type of the split plug is chosen according to the duct inside diameter and the cable outside diameter.

Blank plugs
used for sealing of ducts, keep ducts clear of water, sand and any other impurities.

Metal couplings
serve to couple of any kind of polyethylene ducts

Innerduct connectors
aluminium female-to-male threaded connectors designed to secure innerducts to junction boxes and cabinets

Wrench for plastic couplings

The wrench is suitable for couplings used for ducts whose diameters are from 40 mm to 75 mm. For coupling installation two pieces are always used – as a pair.

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