Help for Ukraine – hostel in Malenovice

We try to make our help as effective and targeted as possible, where apart from financial resources, we make good use of our hands, brains and, above all, our hearts. Immediately after the entry of Russian soldiers into the territory of Ukraine, we therefore began to officially seek to rent a city building that could be used to house war refugees.

In March 2022, we received a municipal building in the local part of Zlín-Malenovice; 5 years unused building in an uninhabitable condition. We believe that companies should be responsible and return part of their success to the region, to help the city, which has assets that it does not have the capacity to take care of on its own. That’s why, with the help of our craftsmen, we put the rented house in a usable condition in a relatively short time, equipped it together and prepared it for families with children to live in. We not only provide the refugees with housing, but also free assistance services in cooperation with our long-term employees from Ukraine.

In practice, this creates a model of how a private entity can take care of city property. We want to return the building to the city in a significantly better condition than the one in which we took it over for management. The reason for this is the vision that after the end of the refugee crisis, the house could serve as a hostel for the needy, for example single mothers. That is why we continuously invest in it – we are going to replace the windows, the gas boiler and carry out a lot of necessary repairs, which are not negligible in cost. We are committed to investing any potential profit from providing accommodation for refugees, including state contributions, back into the building.

We would like to thank all our employees who gave their free time, material donations and above all a lot of effort to this project.