Tubex AL is a comfort thermal and sound insulation of water supply and heating systems. The polyethylene foam sleeves are covered with aluminium foil forming a longitudinal overlap, which is provided with a pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) adhesive layer for ease of installation. The aluminium surface provides a reliable protection of the insulation sleeve against UV radiation and mechanical damage. That is why it is suitable for the places which are exacting in connection with the hygienic characteristics (hospitals, food productions etc.)


Tube lenght: 1m
Inside diameter: 12 - 134 mm
Wall thickness: 10 - 20 mm

Basic characteristics:

  • high thermal insulation performance
  • ease of installation
  • UV radiation resistance
  • ease of maintenance in a hygienically demanding environment
  • high resistance to damage
  • lightweight
  • high chemical and biological resistance
  • increased resistance to water vapour diffusion