K-FLEX-ST elastomeric sheets

K-FLEX ST - Thermal insulation sheets made from cellular rubber for application in the sphere of heating, air-handling, sanitary, air-conditioning and cold storage. These are suitable for tank, big size tubes, air-handling supply systems etc.

K-FLEX ST sheets are produced in standard version and in version with AL foil - thickness 80 µ. Both these types can be done with self-adhesive ply.

The big advantage is easy and quick installation of big parts.

Technical specifications:

Width: 1000 mm and 1500 mm
Thickness:  6 mm -  50 mm
Sheets :  2 m x 1 m
For temperatures:  -200° C  to  +116° C
Coefficiency of resistance to watervapour duffusion: µ > 7000

Type of insulation:

  • Standard - elastomeric insulation as sheet twisted into roll or board size 2 x 1 m
  • T Sheet AL/AL UV finishing - elastomeric insulation as sheet or board size 2 x 1 m with AL fil finishing, thickness 80 µ with UV protection.
  • K-FLEX sheet - in standard version and also in version with AL foil can be done with self-adhesive ply.

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