SPUR started to research and the development of nanomaterial in 2006. Independent production of nanofibers for equipment of our own design was established in 2012. Since 2018, research has continued at the Polymer Center systems of the University of Zlin, where we moved our research staff and equipment, while large scale production stayed in SPUR facilities. SpurTex® - is a division of SPUR, which produces multilayer nanofibre-based filter materials unique in high-efficiency filtration of ultrafine particles. The high-quality of our products is guaranteed by many years of professional research, experience, testing, production control and quality certificates. Nanofibers are suitable for the production of filtration materials due to the small diameter of the fibre, large pore volume and small pore size. Multilayer SpurTex® filtration materials with high-filtration efficiency and low-pressure gradient can be used on facemasks, half-masks and respirators. During the pandemic COVID – 19, SPUR immediately began optimization and expanded its production capacities with the development of its designed series of facemask and respirators. 

SpurTex® – multi-layered air-filter materials based on nanofibers
Materials with high air-filter performance when separating ultrafine particles
Nanofibre is suitable for production of air-filter materials because of a very low fibre diameter, high density of pores which are however of a very small size.
The multi-layered air-filter materials SpurTex® with high air-filter performance and low air-leaks are suitable for the following purposes:

Air-filter masks

Respirators and medical face-masks

High-performance filters of ultrafine particles