Basic characteristic:

  • breach resistant
  • shock absorbent
  • protects againts scratching, dust and dirt
  • printable
  • different sizes

Technical specifications:

Thickness (EPE/HDPE or LDPE): 0,8 / 0,01 mm - 4 / 0,05 mm
Width: 250 mm - 1600 mm
Length: 250 mm - 3500 mm

Foam polyethylene bags laminated by selected material are used as packaging materials in different spheres of processing industry.

By using this packaging material (with foam polyethylene rolls) not only the basic protection of product is achieved but also the protection of the products during the storage, manipulation and transportation.

EPE foam inside the wall of the bag protects the product against dirt and scratching and outside HDPE or LDPE foil ensures the strength of the bags and high quality of the welds.

  • Bags can be printed as per the customer demand.
  • Also different colourways of the bags are available, depending on the ordered quantity.