Heat transfer film

Technical specifications:

Width:  up to 60cm
Color: silver, fluorecsent yellow
European standard: EN ISO 20471

Heat transfer film RETROX® is manufactured in maximum 60 cm width and can be cut to width as required by customers. Various signs, pictures and logos from this reflective RETROX® material can be cut out by a plotting machine.

Recommended base material is 100% cotton, mixtures of cotton and Polyester

In this case is reccommended hand washing or machine washing at max. 40° C. Higher temperatures are not recommended for the cotton base.

The retro reflective properties of the RETROX® material meet requirements of the European Standard EN ISO 20471.

Application of Heat transfer film :

  1. Temperature used during application 130-160°C, pressure of about 2 kg/cm2, fusing time 10 s
  2. After cooling, carefully remove the protective foil
  3. After removing the protective foil repeat the procedure once again