Combined and Colored

Combined and Colored

Technical specifications:

Width: up to 60cm
Color: fluorescent yelow 
European standard: EN ISO 20471


  • RETROX® - combined

The retro-reflective materials RETROX® can be used in combination with other fabric products such as coloured tapes made from luminescent, reflective or signal materials, rep tie, straps etc.. Thereby dull fabric products can become an attractive element, which can be applied on work, wear, sports clothes, vests, t-shirts, haberdashery products and shoes. That is important for safety primarily in road traffic.
Applying retro-reflective material on products with other use features can multiply required protective functions. In this manner can combine high ability of material to reflect incident light back (silver RETROX®) ca be combine with fluorescent properties ( coloured signal tape) or with phosphorus properties, which provide luminescence of products in the dark.

  • RETROX® - coloured

In darkness and reduced visibility the retroreflective feature of the material guarantees the ability to reflect incident light back. In daylight is strong visualization of the marked object is provided by fluorescent pigments in coloured layers.
Thanks to its excellent reflective and signal properties the coloured retroreflective fabric Retrox is intended for applications in work and sport clothing, vests, T-shirts, gloves, school bags, shoes and other products. It is used to enhance the visibility of objects and thus to increase safety particularly in traffic. The reflective fabric can be utilised in cutting out logos and badges or as a substrate material for embroidered emblems, etc.