Couplings and endcaps

Plastic couplings, end-fittings and reducers serve to couple, interconnect and terminate PE-HD cable ducts intended for the protection of fibre optic and metal cables. High technical requirements imposed on the coupling ensure permanent watertightness and resistance to both internal and external pressures.


  • increased efficiency and speed of network building
  • resistance to moisture, rodents and other underground effects
  • ease of handling in coupling of ducts
  • high durability
  • high resistance to pressure
  • excellent tightness
  • heat resistance
  • versatility of use for various kinds of ducts (with respect to material)


Acting as a sealing of optical cabels in HDPE tubes, prolonging the lifetime of cables - keeping them dry and clean. Easy to install, suitable for services duct, buidings etc.

Connectors and end-fittings PLASSON

Acting as a connectors of plastic tubes of polyolefins. Frequently used in telecommunications.

Connectors and end-fittings PLASSIM

Acting as a connecting and ending parts of all type of tube of polyethylene (PEHD, PEMD, PELD).