HARDEX® XPP PERFORMANCE is a thermoplastic structured foam made of polypropylene (PP). The structure of the foam is made up of 95-98 % closed cells. It offers excellent mechanical properties in shear and compression, impact strength, and is resistant to fatigue stress.

Compared to materials made from foamed PET or PS, HARDEX® XPP PERFORMANCE offers better mechanical properties.

| High chemical resistance Moisture resistance – non-absorbent
| Thermal insulation properties
| Compact surface Resistance – in shear, compression, tension, and bending
| High impact toughness
| UV resistance on request


THICKNESS: 3–40 mm
WIDTH: max 1220 mm
LENGHT: max 2440 mm
DENSITY: 40–200 kg/m3

HARDEX® XPP PERFORMANCE can be used as a core for a composite sandwich structure with excellent mechanical properties combined with low weight. It is used in areas where the lightness and mechanical resistance of the product is required, e.g.: furniture boards, structural boards/profiles, the construction industry, the automotive industry – interior equipment (caravans, trucks, …). It can be processed and cut similarly to wooden materials and can be joined with screws, nails, and glues, by fusion welding and hot air welding. The material can be processed by thermoforming.  Also, the material can be laminated with functional surface layers by reactive or hot-melt glues, or in case of good compatibility without glues by heat only.

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