Extruded corrugated sheets produced from polypropylene - copolymer by using modern technology, including possibility of co-extrusion.

Thanks to its unique properties, this material offers significant advantages in all areas of its application and carries a high economic value.

  • high compression strength and rigidity
  • lightweight
  • easy processing
  • resistance to mechanical damaging, to chemicals, water and steam, mould and bacteria
  • durability, multiple re-use
  • insulating properties
  • suitable for food contact
  • fulfills hygienic requirements
  • 100 % recyclable


Width: 200 - 2400 mm
Length: 400 - 6000 mm
Thickness: 2 - 6 mm
Weight (g/m2): 280 - 1600 g/m2

Colours: black, white, grey, translucent, yellow, green, blue, red

Other dimensions, treatments and colours as per customer demand.