SPUR Company Acquires Ecological Plastic Waste Processing Operation from JELÍNEK-TRADING

The Zlín-based company SPUR a.s. completed another successful acquisition on Friday, March 1, after officially taking over the recycling division of JELÍNEK-TRADING spol. s.r.o. in Křelov-Břuchotín, Olomouc region. The newly established company is named SPUR plastic recycling s.r.o.


The Křelov facility, spanning 4.5 hectares, will integrate into the SPUR group of companies with its technological equipment and years of know-how in the field of plastic granulate processing, boasting an authorized plant capacity of 20,000 tons of recyclate per year. JELÍNEK-TRADING has the longest history in the Czech Republic in the field of plastic waste recycling. „Mr. Otto Jelínek and his team were pioneers in this field even before the term recycling became as commonly used as it is today. I see this step in our business as another strong commitment,“ explained SPUR’s CEO, Tomáš Dudák.

„We were very pleased that Mr. Jelínek decided to sell the recycling part of his company to us. This move not only gives us technological benefits, suitable premises, and technical equipment but also a great team of nearly thirty employees who will all transition to the new company without any organizational changes,“ emphasized Tomáš Dudák, who is keen on keeping the existing team fully intact. „We expect to double the number of employees by the middle of next year,“ he shared.

The main mission of the newly founded SPUR plastic recycling s.r.o. is the processing of plastic waste, its mechanical recycling, and the subsequent transformation of recyclate into final products, such as household equipment or packaging, which will be supplied directly to the end customer. Thus, the SPUR group becomes an important partner in the field of complete plastic recycling for its globally operating customers and society as a whole. „The types of plastics we focus on are primarily polypropylene, as well as polyethylene and PET,“ described Tomáš Dudák, adding that the ambition of the newly established company is to offer companies involved in the collection and sorting of plastic waste a stable and economically sustainable business model that provides waste originators (citizens, municipalities, or manufacturing companies) with a meaningful waste management solution in the most ecological way possible.


Since its foundation, SPUR has been striving for maximum sustainability through the use of recyclate in its plastic products. However, only a quarter of the processed material currently comes from renewable sources. The company actively seeks to change this. „Carbon neutrality can be achieved primarily by consistently separating economic growth from resource consumption by implementing circular economy principles, i.e., reducing raw material consumption on one hand and recycling and reusing materials on the other. This approach is precisely what our group can influence,“ pointed out Tomáš Dudák, adding that this is a fundamental prerequisite for fulfilling the principles of long-term sustainable development and the Green Deal.

SPUR a.s., based in Zlín, is a traditional family business with a rich history, engaged in the production of plastic products for over 30 years. It has successfully developed a product and segment-diversified portfolio. In recent years, it has established 3 stable pillars: PLASTICS, AGRO, and ENERGO, while simultaneously living the values of social and environmental responsibility. The SPUR group employs over 700 people. Its revenues in 2023 exceeded 2 billion Czech crowns.

Media Contact: Kateřina Martykánová PR Manager Tel.: 602 576 870 Email: katerina.martykanova@spur.cz