Transparent GPPS sheets

Transparent sheets made of GPPS are used as picture, photo frame and advertising stand covers.

Usage of these sheets ccan be very varied - because its high transparency and low weight. Comparing with other transparent plastics (PC,PMMA) is has own advantage in low price. These sheets are prefered to glass thanks to high user safety and easy workability.


  • consumer industry - home accesorries - picture frames, photo frames
  • advertising industry - stand, clipframe, table covers

Technical specifications:

lenght: from 300 mm
width: up to 1200 mm
thickness: 0,6 - 1,5 mm
density 1,05 g/cm3
thermal resistance up to 85 °C

It is possible to arrrange different colourways as per customer demand.

There is the protecting PE film from both sides of each sheet to avoid the scratching during the manipulation and transport.