Production of the nano-material SpurTex VS is up!

In SPUR a.s., production of the material SpurTex VS is up and running on a special Spinline. This material is used for production of medical face-masks.

For already 8 years, Spur has been involved in nanomaterials manufacturing. In cooperation with the Centre of Polymer Systems of the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, in February 2020 we developed a special nano-material which meets the standards needed for production of medical face-masks effective for collecting the coronavirus. This material has a high virus filtration efficiency (70 – 95%) while the pressure drop is very low (45 – 85 Pa). Maximal decrease of pressure drop is an essential feature because it minimizes air-leakage from around the mask and face. In order to launch a high-quality production of facemasks, we have initiated partnerships with renowned producers of medical equipment. These companies are now processing all our current production which is fully aimed for the Czech Republic. Because of a need for high-tech processing equipment, this material is not suitable for being processed in any alternative production floors or workshops.